Mathea Stevens formally began her pentathlete career at the age of 13, building on a background of the many disciplines of horseback riding since her introduction to the sport at age 6. The Canadian Pony Club initiated her to the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon and her promise became apparent at her first Canadian National Championships where she placed 1st in her age division. Since this that time, Mathea has dedicated countless hours intensely training with the direct focus to represent Canada internationally. She was chosen for the Junior National Team despite having 3 years remaining to compete as a youth. In her first year in the junior age category, she was named to the Senior National Team with a stronger drive to be on the Canadian Olympic team.

Typically, the peak performance age for the women’s World Champions in modern pentathlon can range from 25 to 30 years of age. Mathea has benefitted from this early dedicated training, has many years to grow and excel in this sport, and has been positioned to gain valuable experience from the elite senior international athletes.

Academically, Mathea is a third year full-time student at the University of Ottawa’s Business School of Management.